Is Hand Sanitizer Sold Out Everywhere?

With all of the stories of unrelated companies like breweries stopping their normal production in order to make hand sanitizer instead, it can seem as though the usual companies aren't making any. In reality, manufacturers like Purell are making at least as much as they always did. What is happening is that many more people are buying it than these companies expected. This makes it so that even their current maximum capacities are exceeded.

Since increasing capacity may require building entire extra factories, this situation is unlikely to change soon. In order to have a better chance of finding this and similar products, you will need to go where most people aren't looking: medical supplies wholesale distributors.

Some of these distributors have realized that there is a whole retail market out there that they would ordinarily miss out on, and have lowered their minimum orders to capture this segment. Other medical supplies wholesale distributors are still selling in their normal way, which is to say, they make you buy things by the case.

If a case of hand sanitizer would be way too much for you to use within a couple of years, you still shouldn't forgo the opportunity to get some. You can legally resell the extra as long as you don't "price gouge" (charge far too much), or you can give the extra to a worthy recipient like someone in an at-risk group for the novel coronavirus. Either way, you can buy a case of many things and make it work out for you.

Many medical supplies wholesale distributors have added other products that have become of interest to the retail market or general public, such as masks, gloves, gowns, and thermometers. Therefore, you should check them for any of these things, as well.

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